• Guest Coffee: Unkle Funka

    Anita Atkins -

    Meet the guy behind our inspiration to host guest coffee, Unkle Funka.

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  • Single Use Cup Ban - One Month In

    Anita Atkins -

    How we’ve fared since switching to only using reusable coffee cups.

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  • Great gut health

    Anna Kilcooley -

    Welcome to your gut, population: 100 trillion

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  • Boston Tea Party bans single use coffee cups

    Sam Roberts -

    From 1st June, Boston Tea Party are banning disposable coffee cups from our cafes.

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  • Single use ban FAQ's

    Anna Kilcooley -

    You’ve probably got a few questions about how a ban on single use coffee cups is going to work. We had plenty ourselves.

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  • London Coffee Festival

    Ben Hibbard -

    Running from the 12-15th April, London Coffee Festival is at the beating heart of the UK’s coffee scene.

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  • Supplier profile: FRANK water

    Anna Kilcooley -

    With UN World Water Day coming up on March 22, we asked
    FRANK Water to let us know a little bit more about themselves, and BTP and FRANK are asking you for a little bit of help.

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  • The final (plastic) straw

    Anna Kilcooley -

    We’ve always been conscious of the waste we generate and the impact we have on the planet, which is why we were always super careful about recycling our plastic straws (and everything else we can). We’ve saved plastic straws from long lonely lives on landfill sites.

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  • The trouble with teabags

    Anna Kilcooley -

    We like our tea here at Boston Tea Party (it’s in our name after all). We’re not alone. But are you adding to the plastic problem when you sip a cup at home?

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