Meet our House Espresso

Anita Atkins -
Meet our House Espresso

Our new House Espresso replaces our Medium and Dark roasts and is served in all cafes from 25th January. Find out more about the change here >
Here’s everything you need to know:*

House Blend espresso
Colombia/Peru – washed

Our House Blend has been refined over the last 7 years with our friends at Extract Coffee. It is a blend of two beans one from La Marianela in Columbia, and the other from a cooperative in Peru. Both have a close working relationship with Extract. In fact, with our help, they buy 70% of the coffee produced by La Marianela in Colombia.
The Peruvian element of the coffee is working with Sol & Café Co-op, which has allowed Extract to work with very small-scale coffee farmers and showcase some incredible coffees, whilst genuinely making a difference to their lives and helping them be more sustainable. This particular coffee is exclusively sourced to help give back to those specific farmers.

Flavour – In the cup:

Espresso: Cocoa, black cherries, honeycomb
With milk: Malt, biscuits, chocolate

Did you know…?
The average coffee plant takes 3 years from planting to produce any cherries and a further 2 for them to be good for coffee, so it takes 5 years before a coffee farmer can sell any coffee.

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